Front-end Development

10 Martie - 29 Aprilie


Descrierea Trainingului:

Our Technology team designed a series of 6 workshops, focused on Frontend technologies. The workshops will be delivered by skillful developers from our Frontend team, which is on a daily basis in charge of The curriculum is built to address those with 0 experience, eager to learn, practice and get feedback on their work on the basics of Frontend development, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript .

The topics are:

1. Greetings

  • Introduction to Frontend Web Development
  • Anatomy of a Web Page
  • HTTP Protocol
  • Browsers
  • debugging tools
  • git

2. HTML5

  • tags
  • attributes
  • semantics
  • DOM

3. CSS3

  • selectors
  • bootstrap
  • SASS
  • preprocessors

4. Javascript

  • variables
  • scoping
  • functions
  • context
  • dom
  • events
  • JSON
  • Rest API
  • XmlHttpRequest

5. EcmaScript6

  • language features
  • syntax
  • migration

6. Best practices - last details of the final project

Trainingul va fi sustinut de catre Alexandru Gasparel, Constantin Apetrei, Ovidiu Hatmanu.

A-Maze-ing.JS – A game development journey

Descrierea Trainingului:

Welcome, champion!

Our kingdom’s beloved princess is in danger and you must save her fast! She is trapped in the Tower of Despair and she needs a ladder. You have to build it and get her majesty safe down!

One thing though, the arena is broken and needs to be fixed. Let's do it using your magic coding skills. You will have at your disposal the latest JavaScript standard, ES6+, and your trusty allies Canvas, HTML and CSS will help you in the land of the web! You are not alone, you will team up with other committed champions through GIT spells.

One piece of warning: as soon as you finish building and you enter the real time application, a WebSocket portal will open somewhere in the arena. An opponent will travel into your present time, synchronize with your realm and try to steal the princess.

I know that it seems like you are developing a game, but this is serious! You are the last chance, mighty champion! Save the princess!

P.S.1 Make sure to avoid the fierce beasts that live in the arena!

P.S.2 You should bring the English Tome of Communication with yourself!

P.S.3 Let the A-maze-ing adventure begin!!!!

By the end of the project you will be able to:

  • understand how JavaScript core works;
  • know what ES6(+) standard brings to the table in comparison with older versions of JavaScript;
  • understand basic maze generation algorithms;
  • understand what is a Browser API;
  • work with Canvas API;
  • understand game development basics;
  • understand concepts of frame per second (FPS) optimization;
  • understand how multiplayer games work;
  • configure server-side NodeJS using the Express framework;
  • understand web sockets (for real time application);

Trainingul va fi sustinut de catre Alex Grigoruta, João Martins .