Back-end Development

10 Martie - 29 Aprilie


Descrierea sesiunilor de training:

The Back-end Development course will include 7 sessions and will focus mainly on the back-end development of a website. This course is the next step for students who have a bit of experience with HTML/CSS and are looking to take their web programming skills to the next level with server-side web development. Websites can be relatively static mediums, but web applications, however, take websites to the next level. Think about your experience with online banks, tools like Google Docs, or stores like Amazon. These are all robust applications operating with databases and offering a personalized experience to each individual user.

In this course we'll cover the skills necessary to evolve simple static websites into dynamic, database-driven web applications.

We will start with PHP basic developent in the beginning of the course, followed by a brief introduction to working with MySQL database. We will continue with MVC pattern and finish with various open source platforms such as: Laravel, Wordpress, Drupal, etc.

Training susținut de Ionuț Berescu si Hanu Georgian.

Laravel, the new way to express yourself

Descrierea sesiunilor de training:

Laravel este unul dintre cele mai cunoscute frameworkuri de PHP, iar la acest curs ne propunem sa dezvoltam o aplicatie web from 0 to hero.

Daca iti doresti sa devii un developer mai bun si in acelasi timp sa afli cum e sa scrii cod cu zambetul pe buze, hai cu noi si invata despre:

  • Ce reprezinta un MVC si cum il putem folosi intr-un mod optim;
  • Cum putem genera componente Laravel folosindu-ne de PHP artisan;
  • Ce reprezinta migrarile si cum putem crea baze de date folosindu-ne de ele;
  • Ce reprezinta dependency injection si model binding-ul;
  • Ce reprezinta middleware si cum se foloseste acesta;

Daca te-am facut curios, te asteptam!

Trainingul va fi sustinut de catre Adrian Peslar si Lucian Stan.