Back-end Development

10 Martie - 29 Aprilie



Descrierea Trainingului:

The purpose of the #FiiJava course is to offer a better understanding of the core Java notions and clarify in-depth the ideas discussed. Students will learn and deepen the fundamental concepts of Java programming and create Java programs using hands-on, engaging activities.

  • Basics
  • Collections & Generics
  • Concurrency
  • Functional programming
  • Unit testing
  • Project demo

Trainingul va fi sustinut de catre Razvan Andrei Hamza, Gabriel Ion, Cristian Ursache si Alexandru Atomei. .

Java language

Descrierea Trainingului:

Google does it, Amazon does it, Yonder does it so you can do it too!! Accept our invitation and join us in our journey on foreign lands where Java language is spoken.

With our faithful companion IntelliJ we shall ride to REST Services, gathering information from Posgresql with the help provided by Hibernate. Along the way we shall double our strengths by joining forces with Spring and all his minions (Boot and Data).

Everything is clear, schedule is defined, goal is set and Maven will take care of everything in order to reach our Entity-Control-Boundry application.

Traningul va fi sustinut de catre Rares Antofie, Stefan Opariuc, Nicolae Abacioaiei .