3D Modelling

4 Martie - 9 Aprilie

3D Modelling

Training Session Description:

It’s the second edition of FII Practic for us and we decided to come with a brand new course! We intend to go through 3D modelling basic and intermediate concepts while we focus on Character Design. We’re proposing you a step-by-step journey from concept to a game-ready model. Our main tool is Maya, but we’ll also make use of 3rd party tools and show you several alternatives (No spoilers!). We’ll go through concepts like low-poly modeling, high-poly modeling, texturing, baking additional maps (Ambient Occlusion, Normal Map, Occlusion Map). In the end we’ll go through rigging and principle of animation. Don’t worry if many of these words are still a mistery. You don’t need previous knowledge, but lots of creativity and excitement for making stuff from ground up. Apply now!

Training susținut de Dragoș Silion și George Alexandru Busuioc.